Life of Kai

An old fashioned love story and a practical map for spiritual growth. Life of Kai takes the reader on a wild journey through shamanic ceremonies, meetings with remarkable people, adventures in nature, life, death, grief and renewal.

Life of Kai by Kai Carol Jud

Moon Dreams

A magical tale of dreaming and the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. Our young heroine takes us into a mystical world where she discovers that life’s journey is about letting go and dreaming new beginnings. She is accompanied by loving allies — the bear, the water, the fire, the trees, the Moon Lady and the Moon herself. Her journey is a story for all ages and can inspire us all. The book incudes 19 original watercolors by Georgeanne Jud.


Sex, Love and Marriage in the 21st Century The Next Sexual Revolution

Ed. By Robert T. Francoeur
ToExcel, 1999

Featuring a chapter authored by Kai.