Hello old friends and new,

I am Kai, a mystic wanderer of the cosmos, traveler on the edge, storyteller, psychotherapist, retreat leader, tarot reader, and author of the upcoming book Life of Kai, a memoir of awakening.

In my seventy-five years of adventuring on this planet, I have studied and practiced many forms of body-oriented psychotherapy, Judeo-,Christian theology, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sufism, I have been taught by shamans, explored the mysteries of the tarot cards and experienced the profound lessons of nature. Death, dying, and grief have been my teachers since I was young, and I believe these teachings essential to our present-day world as we face aging, illness, and possible extinction.

I will be sharing some of the fruits of my journey in this lifetime, especially around conscious healing, practical spirituality, death and dying, shamanic practices, and stories of travel which hopefully will inspire.

I am so grateful to have you along for the ride of this next chapter of my life and our life together on this planet!

– Kai

Recent Posts

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    The word solstice does not refer to the length of the day, It comes from the Latin words sol for “Sun” and sister for “To Stand Still” and refers to the day that the Sun appears to stand still.

  • Fire and the Rose

    A chapter contributed by Kai from the book Sex, Love and Marriage in the 21st Century: The Next Sexual Revolution by Timothy Perper, Martha Cornog, Robert T. Francoeur