Life of Kai

An old fashioned love story and a practical map for spiritual growth. Life of Kai takes the reader on a wild journey through shamanic ceremonies, meetings with remarkable people, adventures in nature, life, death, grief and renewal.

In paperback. 438 pages. Published by Hadley’s, Athol, MA.


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Inspiration behind Life of Kai

Our time of bliss was brief; after seven years on the road, Chris died suddenly. This is my story of facing the realities of life and death with the tools that Chris and I had learned on our path of surrender.

At that time, I was busy living my life, walking through the realms of grief, surveying the devastation of a life shattered by Chris’s swift departure, and taking slow yet steady steps toward building a new life. I was not ready to put my hand to the page. I was still living my book on the stage of life.

The following year, I moved to a little town in Western Massachusetts. I joined a memoir class, and one day, I wrote what would become the first chapter. At that moment, in a flash of inspiration, I resolved to present a new chapter to my fellow writers every week. Miraculously, I kept to my commitment, sometimes writing into the small hours of the night.

What emerged was an intimate and adventurous love story recounting my life with my beloved soulmate Chris and our seven years of sacred travel around the world. Letting go of home, family, jobs, and all that was familiar, we learned to trust each other, trust Spirit, and discover that home was not a place but a state of being. We were naive adventurers guided by Spirit, helped by loving friends and even strangers.

Our travels took us to a Native American Sundance, the Rocky Mountains’ majestic beauty, the Indigo kids in Kauai’s jungles, India, Peru, the Camino de Santiago, and Egypt. We met remarkable teachers, including Ram Dass, the Dalai Lama, and Sai Baba, and experienced the beauty of mountains, oceans, rivers, forests, and deserts.

Awakening is not about dancing only in the light. It is the practice of celebrating life as it is, the light and the dark, the easy and the difficult. In the darkest night, the path teaches me over and over that we are all connected and one with Source.

Life of Kai is my story of love and death, healing, and the living of an erotic and spiritually embodied life. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

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About the Author

Kai Carol Jud is a mystic wanderer of the cosmos, traveler on the edge, and storyteller. She is a psychotherapist, retreat leader, tarot reader and author whose embodied spiritual path and study of shamanism have taken her through the ecstasies and challenges of life and death.

Kai Carol Jud

Kai brings decades of experience in Core Energetics, Gestalt, and shamanic journeying – with a particular interest in body energy, sexuality, spirituality, and group process. Her work is inspired by a mystical path that takes her deep into the realms of Spirit and connection with the earth.

Kai has a BA from Columbia University and an MSW from New York University. In 1989, she completed four years of post-graduate training with John Pierrakos at the Institute of Core Energetics in New York City. In 1988, Kai founded the Institute of Process Therapy, a year-long training for therapists and healers in the techniques of process work. She has been in private practice since 1985 and has led retreats at Shalom Mountain in Livingston Manor, NY, since 1987. She currently maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Western Massachusetts.

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