Dear Beloveds,

We are so grateful for all of the love, prayers and support that you have showered upon us. Hundreds of you have written from North and South America, Australia, Europe and Africa. We believe that Chris is activating a healing center here in New Haven, not just for himself but for all those who need healing and for the healing of the planet itself. We are calling the power of the collective to come together, in love, gratitude and high imagination to bring about something entirely new that we can not even at this point imagine. Chris and I already feel the support of the network reaching out to us. Just imagine what we can do with all of this love energy. We can truly move mountains.

We are excited to report that we finally have a roof over our heads which feels like it will contribute to our well-being and Chris’s healing. Yale New Haven Hospital, of which the Smilow Cancer Center where Chris is being treated is part, offers furnished suites close to the hospital. We have a well appointed apartment with a bedroom, living room, full kitchen and free valet service to the hospital. We moved in today and we are thrilled to have a home.

We are aware that New Haven is an urban college town and a center of many hospitals and healing centers. We want to create a temple in our living space that will heal not only for Chris, but which will radiate the energy of our entire healing community out into the world.

We hope that we can activate this space with many crystals. If you would like to contribute a crystal to this end either by mailing it to us, by using a designated crystal in your own healing meditations, or by sending a virtual crystal or healing tool through the cosmos, we would welcome your participation. We are all being called into a healing process. Wee are all needed for our own healing, that of our loved ones and the planet.

We finally have the beginnings of Chris’s treatment plan. He will be receiving ten daily radiation treatments to his brain and to his lower back. This is going to bring the fire into our lives and we are visualizing that it will burn away all that is old, useless, outdated, unproductive and unbalanced in our lives, in Chris’s body and on this beautiful planet of ours.

Chris will start therapy on Thursday, March 29, at 4:30 PM (EST) and it will be repeated every weekday at 4:30 until Wednesday, April 11 when the treatments will change to 5:00 PM (EST). Perhaps you would like to tune in with some healing energy at that time or at any other time you choose to do so. Chemotherapy will start when the radiation treatments are complete. We are doing our best to provide wellness treatments and suggestions from you are welcome.

At this point, Chris is not up for telephone calls or visits. He needs all his energy for his own healing, but we love hearing from you by email whenever you are moved to do so. Chris has manifested a beautiful web of love and we all get to be a part of that exquisite creation.

We send you our deep love and gratitude that you are walking with us on this journey.
Kai and Chris

Below is writing that Chris did as he imagined the healing that will come from the radiation treatments.
Thank you that I can speak.
Thank you that I can hear.
Thank you that I can see.
Thank you that I can taste.
Thank you that I can feel.
Thank you that I can move.
Thank you that there are hundreds of people sending me love and sharing in this moment of hope and inspiration and gratitude.
My preference is
 That I be a worthy vessel as I explore the unfolding of my healing.
We have had many moments where we have not known what we were called to be and do.
I find this difficult, yet it affirms the many practices we have been doing for these years of our journeying together.
 My preference is that the journey be easy and I am grateful that there have been so many moments when it has been easy.
There are profound teachings and deep experiences when we have learned when the way is hard that we need to slow down, smell all of the smells of our journey and let go of attachment to our preferences.
I have judged my body harshly in this chapter of my life but then realized that I am so much more full of feeling than I have ever experienced.
 My imagination is inspired by this body and this mind and soul in relationship.
 My imagination is learning so much more about how we are all one and how to be patient and open to possibilities of engagement beyond anything that I have imagined before.
I am so filled up with feelings of gratitude for you, our Beloveds.
 Thank you for holding space, for the IYouWeOne that is always manifest.

Thank you that Chris’s my knows perfectly how to heal itself for the highest good of Chris and all other beings.