Dear Beloveds,

Our beautiful Chris melted into the One at 4:30 this morning. He left us gently with peace and shining trust. He is truly at rest.

Thank you for your love and your holding of us both through this time.
With love and gratitude,

On the day that I die
Being brought to the grave, Don’t weep. Don’t weep,
I cannot go away.

The sun sets and
The moon sets
But they never are gone.
The cycle repeats
And they’re born and reborn.

Death is a marriage
A coming together
Tombs look like prisons
But they’re doorways to union.

Like a seed we go down
In the earth we dissolve
Growing up in such beauty
That we cannot imagine.

My mouth will close here
But in just the same moment
It will open with joy songs
For the union I’ve longed for.