I grieve for a bright, shining light that has now been extinguished. 


No matter what I believe about the afterlife, the earth plane world is missing my beloved’s light, in the same way that we miss an extinct species or language. 


The world will reorganize, the empty space will be filled, and the perfection of all things will continue. Yet a unique beauty came and will never be seen again. 


Perhaps this is what makes life so precious. If we lived forever, this awareness of our preciousness and beauty might disappear in boredom. We might think that we understood everything and that there was nothing new to learn. Creativity might die, and we might become the living dead. 


Instead, it is our bodies that die, and we keep having a chance to see the world with new eyes, even as they are always the eyes of God.


Knowing our lives are fleeting, may we live in gratitude.