The 4 of Cups in the Rider-Waite deck represents a time of dreaming when the querent needs to pay attention to the energies pointing toward the dream that wants to manifest. This is not a time for building but for listening and contemplation.

The following process helps us open ourselves to dreaming.

Dreaming is not about tomorrow. Be present NOW.
1. Sit quietly and feel your breath. Feel your feet on the ground as if rooted in Mother Earth. Breathe up from your feet and through your crown. Feel yourself rooted in the realms beyond. Allow yourself to fall into a dream state. Say to yourself, “I can do, be, and accomplish anything.”
2. What is your longing? What is your dream?
3. What is happening in your body, and how can you use this energy (positive or negative) to take the first steps toward your dream?
4. What are the implications in your life if your dream should manifest?
a. What will you have to give up if your dream should come into being?
b. How are you blocking your dream from fruition now?
4. What conditions underlie the stories you tell yourself about the obstacles you face? How do you contribute or collude with this? Remember. We are all part of everything.
5. Look at what you have already manifested in your life. Can you feel the pleasure of what has come to you?
6. What are the energies in you that attract your dream?
7..What do you do when you don’t like or are not grateful for the isness of the moment? What effect does this have on your behavior?
8. How do you experience synchronicity? Can you feel the web of all that is holding you?

Think of these tools that can help you in your dreaming.

1. Look for gratitude in everything, even the challenges.
2 Look for love in everything.
3. Surround yourself with beauty.
4. Let go of attachment to the outcome.
5. Be willing to be surprised.
6. Don’t judge things as good or bad.
7. Be willing to not know.

Happy Dreaming!