Dear Beloved Heart of the World,

I am part of you, and you are part of me. I want to thank you. I thank you for all of the joy you hold — the welcoming of a new baby in love, a relationship that, from a tiny seed, grows into the maturity of love and the deep worship of all of the beauty of this planet–stars, plants, rocks, and animals.

And I thank you for the pain and suffering you hold, carry and transmit. The pain of the world is the supernova that cracks us open so that more and more love can come roaring in.

Beloved, Heart, you hold it all. You are the mirror of the soul, the container that holds both the wisdom and the folly that can return us to the Source if we allow it. You are the sea where we can play, be dissolved, and transmuted.

Thank you for holding me and us as we travel the pathway back to the Source, back to the love that dreamed us into Being. I bow to you in all of your many facets, knowing there is only one Heart.