Hello Dear Beloveds,

Below you will find the link to the audio of the Celebration of Life of Chris Boeve. It was a wonderful gathering, created by the loving work and gifts of so many Beloveds. We are so thankful to the Hopkins School for providing us with such a beautiful venue and for all those who celebrated Chris with their love and gratitude, in New Haven and in other parts of this beautiful planet.

I continue to walk through unfamiliar territory as I begin to discover life without Chris in his bodily form. I find my inner life to be much like the weather. There are days of dark storms with a tsunami here and there, days of bright sunshine and cool breezes, grey days of heavy energies, star filled nights and nights of thick cloud. Every element has its own challenges and its own gifts and I am doing my best to walk this current journey with the same presence and gratitude with which Chris and I walked together in previous journeys. I feel his presence strongly and yet I am being stretched and cracked open in ways I could never have imagined. Thankfully, I also feel the presence of your love and support and appreciate the calls and prayers.

Soon after Chris received his diagnosis in March, I asked him to tell me his vision of healing. This is what he said. “My vision for my healing is that I will be able to rewire the matrix for opening to love, providing an invitation to being part of the altar for whomever feels the call. I see my body as a feeling entity, feeling feelings that I have never felt before.”

I invite all of you to approach that altar of love and feeling in your own ways and to spread Chris’s invitation in your own unique and perfect ways wherever you walk.

The Celebration was so full that there was no time to share stories. If you have a story about Chris that you would like to share with me I would be open to hearing it either by email or phone. In the next week I will be sending you the link for photographs of Chris and of the Celebration and also the video that Erik Johnson made, honoring Chris. Thank your for being in my life.

With much love and gratitude,

Chris Boeve Celebration of Life
To listen to the audio of the Celebration, click on the link here.