Dear Beloveds,

There are many kinds of healing in this world and all of them are deep mysteries. We have all been holding Chris in healing energies and it has now become apparent that it is not his body that will be healing. He entered Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven on Sunday and he has begun the sacred process of transitioning. It may still be many days before this transition is complete but he is already spending much time in the other world, even as he continues to share himself lovingly on this plane.

I ask you that you hold space for this sacred birth that is unfolding for reasons that we cannot fathom but which we must trust as the love and perfection that holds us always. Chris is following his own soul’s path with the love, trust, gratitude and equanimity that he has embodied throughout his life and I invite you to send him energy as he begins this journey.

Please surround him with love and light so that this passage may be filled with grace and ease. Tell stories about him to each other, feel the energies that he has shared with you, notice the ways that he will continue to be a part of you and know that he is a permanent part of all those who have loved him and been loved by him.

I am so grateful for the exquisite way that you have all been holding me in this process. The temple has been created and the portal is open.

I love you dearly, Kai